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Nutritional Medicine Textbook

Nutritional Medicine is an extensive textbook that discusses diet, nutritional intervention and a holistic approach to wellness. Written by one of the world’s foremost authorities on nutritional therapy, this book is widely acclaimed as the definitive textbook in its field.

Dr. Alan Gaby made a valuable contribution in this emerging field when he researched and wrote his textbook Nutritional Medicine. As a leading authority on utilizing nutritional therapies including supplementation to address chronic illness, Alan Gaby, MD is a highly respected clinician who’s taught and trained other physicians for many years. Nutritional Medicine is very well documented and Dr. Gaby communicates in a clear, cogent and concise way to both Healthcare Providers as well as those individuals who desire to learn and expand their own knowledge base. Originally published in 2011, his landmark work addresses the prevention and treatment of over 400 health issues. Dr. Gaby’s book is practical and extremely relevant and is highly recommended by many respected physicians in the fields of Alternative Medicine, Functional Medicine and Nutritional Medicine.