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Rich Stagliano, MD Claimed


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I’m Dr. Rich, current Functional Medicine physician and former burned-out ER doc. After years as a successful ER doc, my health took a nosedive as the physical toll of a high stress, high pressure, poor sleep job finally caught up with me. At first, I tried to suck it up, sleep it off, muscle through it, even tried a few wonder pills. And spoiler alert – none of it worked.  After some tough introspection I came to the frustrating realization that nothing I had in my doctor’s toolbox was helping. The sad reality is that as a doctor trained in the conventional medical system I knew how to prescribe drugs, procedures and surgeries to relieve symptoms, but I really didn’t know much about how to help myself (or my patients) create and sustain real health.

Fast forward 12 years, during which I dove much deeper into things we only covered briefly in medical school (like nutritional biochemistry, exercise physiology, sleep optimization and stress resilience) and other new areas of research (like the gut microbiome, neuroplasticity and behavior change psychology ). Now the big 5-0 is lurking and I’m in the best shape of my life both mentally and physically – and I’m looking forward to getting even better as I age.

Do you feel like you’re losing your edge? My advice to you is this – your best years are still available for the taking. Let’s talk about how you can take charge of your health, even if you think you’ve tried it all before.