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Rachael E Gonzalez, MD


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About Dr. Gonzalez, MD

Credentials: Board Certified Physician in Family and Integrative Medicine

Training Institutions: Harvard College • University of California San Diego School of Medicine • Family Medicine Residency at Riverside Medical Center in Riverside California • Institute for Functional Medicine • Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine • The Women’s Integrative Health Institute

Clinical Interests: Thyroid Management • Menopause Management including bioidentical HRT • Adrenal Issues • Digestive Disorders • Asthma • Allergies • Autoimmune conditions • Migraines • Metabolic syndrome • Diabetes • Preventive Cardiology • Advanced Lipid Analysis & Management • Nutrigenomics

Previous Positions: Staff physician in various healthcare organizations in San Antonio, Texas and Renton, Washington • Director of Urgent Care Services in San Antonio • Owned and operated Paradigm Family Medicine which provided functional and conventional medicine services in a high touch, high tech environment • Received NCQA recognition for Diabetes and was recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home.

What I’m most excited to bring to Parsley Health members: I’m most excited to work in a vibrant collaborative environment where everyone authentically cares and is committed to enhancing the lives and relieving the burden that chronic illness has had on our patient members. I’m most excited to bring my curiosity and love of puzzles and combine these with the art of storytelling to help patients unravel the mysteries of their health issues.

Ask me about: My love of cooking and culinary nutrition