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Dr. Leila Doolittle Claimed


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Dr. Leila Doolittle attended Hendrix University for her premed Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biology and minor in Chemistry. During her time at Hendrix, she shadowed and worked with 20+ doctors of various specialties, learning the details that created better success with their patient’s health. She became a certified EMT through the University of Arkansas and worked in emergency rooms and on ambulances to learn how to care for patients in emergency settings. Additionally, she co-founded a non-profit international organization Doctors of Tomorrow, headed an Odyssey project of traveling through the Amazon forests of Peru to study the ancient healing arts of plant medicine from five notorious medicine men and women. To gain the best understanding of patient care in a Chiropractic setting, she worked with a Chiropractic Neurologist, Dr. Chase Norman for several years. Afterwards, she gained another viewpoint of Chiropractic practice by working with Dr. Emily Hurley for one year.

When she arrived in Dallas in 2013, Dr. Leila stated from the beginning her intention of specializing in neurology and within months, started working at Carrick Brain Centers, learning from some of the most brilliant minds in Functional Neurology – Dr. Ted Carrick, Dr. Brandon Brock and Dr. Cagan Randall. She learned how to effectively help restore patients neurological health when presenting with health concerns ranging from PTSD, TBI (concussions), Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and ADHD to depression, anxiety, migraines, insomnia, chronic fatigue and behavioral issues. Additionally, she studied Functional Neurology through The Carrick Institute of Functional Neurology, The Kharrazian Institute and Functional Neurology seminars

Dr. Leila was also keenly interested in Functional Medicine, and attended 400+ hours of extracurricular seminars training practitioners in the latest advancements in holistic nutritional and dietary studies. She also became certified in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to better understand how qi (or chi) energy plays a roll in health.

To hone her Chiropractic skills Dr. Leila attended 200+ hours of extra-curricular Chiropractic seminars, teaching about the most efficacious and specific adjusting techniques, including adjustments to every extremity joint throughout the body.

She spent 200+ hours shadowing numerous Chiropractors to learn from the wealth of clinical skills and techniques that took each of them years to develop and build in their successful practices.

In this way, Dr. Leila Doolittle has an extremely well-rounded education and expertise to bring to the table. No matter what symptom or health concern her patients are dealing with, she has a broad clinical understanding of what integrative approach addresses the root of the problem and will most efficiently restore a patient’s optimal health. She understands that all the systems of the body and their connections must be addressed for optimal health to be attained, and this apparent through the in-depth and integrative approach she has with each and every patient.