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Ellison Rainsberger, MT Claimed

Whispering Pines Nature Spa

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Colonics or colon hydrotherapy, is a gentle and safe method of cleansing your colon by removing impurities from environmental toxins and accumulated waste matter, without the use of drugs or chemicals. Used in combination with a regimen of proper nutrition and regular exercise, regular colon cleansing can be a powerful tool for breaking unhealthy habits and maintaining optimum health throughout your lifetime.

Why do we need Colon Hydrotherapy?

Without internal cleansing, toxins are frequently reabsorbed back into the blood stream that can contribute to gut imbalance and impaired immunity.   Colonics capture and wash away impurities and can alleviate many health concerns such as  headaches, skin disorders, fatigue, depression, gas/bloating, constipation, arthritis, inability to focus, irritability, Candida overgrowth, allergies, difficult weight loss, food cravings, parasites and much more.