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Drew Francis, OMD, LAc Claimed


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About My Practice

I have been in Medical practice for 31 years. My Functional Medical practice addresses both complex patients with multiple medical complaints, as well as patients who want to take charge of their health with a science based preventive medical protocol based on your blood, urine and/or saliva lab findings. My office screens all patients to make sure we are the “Right Fit” for your Medical complaints.

What Patients Can Expect

Compassionate care with authoritative treatments. Warm office staff that cares and is responsive. A doctor who listens and is not rushing to next patient. This office is not a medical factory churning out loads of patients. Quality care requires time and understanding each individual presentation. Patient receives a Comprehensive Report of findings that educates the patient about lab findings and the Actions steps to be taken to Optimize your health and eradicate the Dis-ease condition that brought you in.