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Dr. Martin Claus Claimed


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Dr. Claus has had two prior successful careers prior to becoming a NUCCA chiropractor. As Dr. Claus looks back upon his chiropractic career, he realizes that the first two careers were critical to his current success as a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC).

Dr. Claus’ first professional career was that of a Fine Arts artist. Dr. Claus (Martin) had a seven year artist in residency sponsored by New York State Council for the Arts. During that time, Martin’s work traveled throughout the country via museums and fine art galleries, showing with nationally and internationally known artists.

Martin developed the understanding of strong visual and spatial relationships. In addition to this Martin discovered that there was a procedural flow to the creation of his art. Without this flow being involved, the work produced did not have the quality of other work. This flow became known as “process”. There was also an attitude associated with this process. Each step of the process had to have total commitment and produce satisfaction in order to be complete. Also, in the creation of Martin’s fine art, there were no short cuts to the process; else, the work became “commercial”. Martin was very content to live the life of a “poor artist” for the seven years.

Martin was always interested in math and science. He maintained this dual interest while he was an artist. These interests were realized when Martin enrolled for a Masters in Computer Science (MSCS) with the hope that his economic situation would also change.

With what Martin had learned about his “artistic process”, this new “process” would now be modified to add logical thinking. Martin felt like he was still making art, but no longer in the traditional third and fourth dimension, but now in the’N’ dimensional space of zeros and ones.

With the masters in computer science, Martin became a Systems Engineer, Systems Architect, Systems Administrator, Database Administrator and Designer for a major Telecommunications Company.

Along with creativity, these skills were finally leveraged together into becoming an international independent consultant in the field of Computer Telephony (later called – Multi-Channel) Integration. The “process” always was to be found in his work.

Martin was very fortunate to travel to Europe, the Middle and Far East as a consultant. Most of Martin’s customers were major Financial and Communications companies. Martin indicates that he worked for the “Fortune 50”. Martin’s last customer was the fifth largest company in the world.

Having had this experience, Martin now wanted to be able to help people rather than corporations.

During his last contract, Martin met an internationally known Gonstead Chiropractor while getting treatment for Idiopathic Scoliosis. Martin noticed that this man was changing peoples lifes by returning them to health within an ethical practice.

Dr. Claus decided that it was time to change his career yet again and enrolled to become a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). As an artist, Martin re-discovered the beauty that is found within the design of the human body; not only in form and function, but with the biochemistry, biomechanics, the systemic integration, and, mostly, the body’s ability to heal itself.

As the System’s Architect, Martin discovered that many different biological systems need to work properly together if this expression of form and function is to be achieved, with, health as the overall goal.

In order to achieve this expression of form and function, there are no shortcuts within the process that is now used; and, each step within the process must be given its full attention. NUCCA, as a chiropractic practice, provides the learning environment where the arts and science are combined. Dr. Claus always wants to learn and discover how to make the process better.