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T.R. Morris, ND, IFMCP Claimed


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Dr. Morris partners with patients in Seattle, Washington and worldwide through remote consultations. To become a new patient, you can go to Appointments, download intake forms, and see important information about the practice.

Focus: Dr. Morris specializes in: digestive/gut issues, autoimmune conditions, thyroid & adrenal health, and chronic symptoms including: fatigue, poor sleep, headaches, chemical sensitivity, and anxiety/depression.

To assess your health status, Dr. Morris employs a mix of conventional and alternative lab tests and genetic testing when indicated. Treatments are often based in diet & lifestyle interventions and may include specialty meal plans, natural supplements and prescription medications or hormones as indicated.


Private practice since 2002. Dr. Morris has often been called upon to teach Nutrition, Genetics, Physiology, Microbiology and Advanced Naturopathic Therapeutics at Bastyr University and other medical programs around the Puget Sound.

Dr. Morris served as a Director of Medical Education at the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), from 2012-2017.  At IFM, T.R. was the internal lead for 3 of the 6 advanced practice modules and a key developer of the IFM Certification Program (IFMCP). He continues to serve as senior certification faculty for IFM. Previously, Dr. Morris was the Senior Research Fellow in Environmental Medicine for the Optimal Health & Prevention Research Foundation. There, Dr. Morris delved into the clinical utility of various biomarkers for toxic burden and also how to best identify and support patients with vulnerability to toxic burdens.