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Nancy Eklund, MD Claimed


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About Dr. Eklund

Nancy Eklund, MD, is the founder and director of the Miami Center for Holistic Healing in Miami, Florida. She is a board-certified family physician who blends more than four decades of experience in traditional medicine with herbal remedies, mind-body therapies, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. As one of the first doctors in the state to become certified by the American Board of Holistic Medicine, Dr. Eklund is honored to provide highly individualized care to adults living in and around South Florida and the Miami area.

Dr. Eklund graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences before earning her medical degree at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana. She went on to complete her family medicine residency at the University of Miami in Miami, Florida.

Before opening the Miami Center for Holistic Healing, Dr. Eklund served as medical director for two arms of South Miami Hospital: the Center for Women’s Medicine and the Collaborative Medicine Program, which integrated traditional and alternative therapies in a hospital setting.

In addition to working with patients, Dr. Eklund has been an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Miami School of Medicine, where she continues to teach on a voluntary basis. She’s also a volunteer clinical faculty member at the Florida International University School of Medicine. 

Dr. Eklund actively speaks to professional and community audiences on issues such as women’s health, menopause, stress, sexuality, alternative medicine, and patient-doctor communications. She’s a co-author of a multimedia program that educates health care providers about domestic violence.