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Anastasia Jandes, MD, PharmD Claimed


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Dr. Jandes  earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry, graduating with honors from Western Kentucky University. She went on to earn doctorates of both medicine and pharmacy at the University of Kentucky, graduating with honors from both programs. After earning her Doctorate of Pharmacy, she went on to complete a clinical pharmacy practice residency at The Medical University of South Carolina, where she focused on Infectious Disease clinical research and clinical pharmacy practice. After completing her medical degree, she then attended internal medicine residency at the University of Kentucky Medical Center, followed by a research fellowship with the Department of Anesthesia which began her research in pain management, addiction, and opiate-sparing techniques.
Having trained and grown up in a state with high rates of prescription drug abuse and opiate addiction, she has focused a part of her practice, research, and consulting work on the treatment of addiction using opiate-sparing and functional medicine practices. Dr. Jandes pursued further subspecialty training through The Institute of Functional
Medicine and uses functional medicine principles as the foundation when treating all of her patients. Together with her allopathic medical and pharmacy background, functional medicine provided final puzzle pieces in her training to be able to bring patients back to a state of wellness.
Dr. Jandes focuses on providing high quality and personalized addiction care. She utilizes nutrition and lifestyle changes as co-interventions along with behavioral therapy, counseling, medication management, and functional medicine. She values building long- term relationships with patients and develops a treatment plan tailored specifically to each person’s biochemical makeup and history. Her treatment focus is on the mind-body connection, the root cause of illness, and the mental and physical health of the patient.
Throughout her training and career, Dr. Jandes has received multiple honors and awards, given numerous presentations, authored several publications, and participated in multiple research projects. She is also a laboratory and pharmaceutical industry consultant and speaker on the topics of addiction, functional medicine, and functional pain management, focusing on opiate-sparing techniques and philosophies.
Dr. Jandes has a strong belief in the global community of health. She lived in Asia as a child and saw first-hand the great medical need of the underserved areas of the world. She has given her time as a medical volunteer in several underserved countries and has provided medical care in the United States as a Salvation Army volunteer physician.