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Pamela Schmidt, DDS NMD IBDM Claimed


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Pamela Schmidt, DDS, NMD, IBDM

Schmidt Dental | Rockford IL

Dr. Pamela Schmidt - Holistic Dentist

Dr. Pamela Schmidt is a University of Illinois graduate and has continued to pursue her education with advanced study at some of the finest institutions across the nation. Some of which include “Mastering Form, Function and Anterior Aesthetics” Rhys Spoor, director, “Full Mouth Synergy Program”, “Ultimate Occlusion Program” and “Comprehensive Aesthetics Program” all through the Hornbrook Group. Dr. Schmidt has earned a reputation for excellence.

In 2016 Dr. Schmidt received the “Lucy Hobbs Award for Innovation in Dentistry”. This annual award is bestowed upon only six outstanding dental professionals each year.

Dentistry is not Dr. Schmidt’s only focus. She believes in total well-being and bringing a holistic approach to her patients. She is certified in Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine and is a board certified Naturopathic Physician. She has been instrumental in changing the way we practice dentistry, including ozone therapybio-compatibility testing, and safe mercury removal protocol.  Our office utilizes  Anterior Quest, a mercury containment system that separates toxic mercury from the rest of the waste water that leaves our facility.  She is proud to say that our office does not contribute to the toxicity of the environment.