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Sabine A Purps, DDS Claimed


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Dr. Purps is a triple board certified passionate professional in the dental field.

  • US dental boards in 2000.
  • German dental boards in 1996.
  • German lab technician boards in 1990.


Dr. Purps latest challenge to reach the highest level of hands on advanced training available in the US and globally was reached in 2018.  (That took 4 years flying almost every other month to courses all over the US for 4 days)

“ADVANCED BIOESTHETIC REJUVENATION” applies the principles of Biomechanics and Occlusion in a holistic approach for patients that suffer from functional or esthetic problems of their teeth. We diagnose the cause of the tooth wear and other chewing system disharmony instead of focusing on the symptoms.

Now the community of 418 like-minded professionals globally, inspire and strengthen her skills to continue the journey of raising the bar in dentistry.  The exchange of expertise at that level is unparalleled in the field of dentistry. The friendships give access to brainstorm for the patients best interest all the time, like a think tank for the most complicated of cases…

Dr. Purps started out  as a certified Lab technician in Germany, where she dedicated her time in learning the tedious work of making precision crowns and bridges, as well a wide variety of prosthetic appliances, like precision attachment partial dentures and fine ceramic full mouth combination cases.

Then she went on to become a dentist, started at Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen (rated #1 University in Germany, #15  in the world) and graduated from Julius-Maximilian’s University in Wuerzburg, Germany. During that time she researched the field of dental implants. Having to take care of 225 patients over a period of three years with one to 10 dental implants, as her  clinical dissertation. She co-authored a publication in 1998 about enosseous dental implants- a long term study, year 5-7.

Being inspired by American dentistry she came to the US and passed all four necessary dental boards, partially at the University of Southern California and the University of the Pacific. During that time she worked as a high tech consultant for a very reputable dental company, KaVo America. Also while waiting for the results of the board exams, she enjoyed working all angles in the dental office as a receptionist, dental assistant, hygienist and lab technician to learn about workflow and patient service in a private practice setting.

Later on, she bought her first practice from Dr. Bernhard Martin in 2001 in San Diego and was a partner at Brewer, Deal, Hansen and Purps for several years until she went “Solo” with her State of the Art Private Practice in 2005. Her office is still one of the most contemporary and high tech offices to date in Southern California.

Throughout the years on her quest to solve her own dental problems, she sought out the best Continuing Education courses available in the US and Germany to find answers on “how to preserve a lifelong healthy smile applying the most biocompatible resources possible”.

Extensive studies of head, neck and biomechanics help her to solve the most hidden problems to ensure every individual patients satisfaction. Alongside applying contemporary ways to help to detox patients from previous materials used.

She has been voted TOP DENTIST in San Diego by her peers annually since 2005.

Trainings included Dr. Spears series, Dr. Kois, Pankey Institute, Dawson Academy, The Schuster Center, Mastery with Dr. Cooper and finally she found scientific answers at the Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry.

 On a  personal note: 

“…after 33 years in the field, I’m being still utmost enthusiastic about dentistry, and  enjoying every day of treating patients like family and treating everyone like I like to be treated myself. Teaching patients and fellow professionals on how to reach  Optimum Dental Health  is a passion.

Achieving the highest standard is something that is my core value and highest focus.”