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Dawn Jacobson, MD

Dawn Marie Jacobson, MD board-certified Preventive Medicine physician with advanced training in Integrative, Functional, and Ayurvedic Medicine. She interweaves a combination of western and eastern medical science to restore health of body, mind, and spirit. She is a molecular and metabolic specialist who extensively researches each person’s health history and uses innovative laboratory testing for the most up-to-date, personalized health assessments.

Dr. Jacobson graduated from the University of Iowa College of Medicine with highest honors. She completed her clinical Preventive Medicine residency at UC-San Diego Medical Center and the Integrative Medicine Fellowship through the University of Arizona. Her molecular and metabolic specialty training started with board-certification in Clinical Laboratory Medicine at UC-San Diego, followed by completion of the Functional Medicine program through the Institute for Functional Medicine.  Her Ayurvedic Clinical Medicine training is through the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Professional program taught by board-certified and licensed U.S. MDs who practice Ayurveda.

I started my private medical practice, Abundant Living Integrative Medicine, after restoring my own health and well-being with a combination of western and eastern medicine.  I am one of the most comprehensively trained integrative MDs with completion of fellowship and certification training in Integrative, Functional, and Ayurvedic medicine. I thoroughly review each person’s health history and use innovative laboratory tests for the most up-to-date, personalized health assessments.

I specialize in reversing chronic imbalances that affect digestion, immune resilience, core energy pathways, heart health, brain health, mind-body detoxification, sleep cycles, cellular repair, cancer prevention, and healthy weight and metabolism. These are foundational physiologic functions underlying all human disease. Once the imbalances are corrected, health is restored and maintained in the body.

 My Healing Philosophy

Health begins with honest self-reflection and an understanding that our body naturally seeks equilibrium when we nourish and nurture it. I prefer the description of balancing functions in the body in a proactive and preventive way rather than using disease language. The most helpful steps emerge as we work together and create your personalized integrative treatment plan.