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Dr. Michael Zabelin Claimed


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Dr. Zabelin attended Life Chiropractic College West, graduating Valedictorian in 1984. He studied and practiced the NUCCA procedure in clinic, and opened his office in the Mission District of San Francisco, later moving it to its current location in Cow Hollow. Dr. Zabelin achieved Board Certification in 2005, and has been a part time faculty member at Life Chiropractic College West and University of the Pacific Dental College. He also is a Credentialed Instructor for NUCCA, teaching segments in all three levels of instruction. Dr. Zabelin also teaches with the ICA Craniocervical Junction Procedures Diplomate Program, a post-doctoral certification.

The practice is full time, but the Doctor also does consulting work on Xray, and has invented several items for the Organization, both physical items as well as digital. He has been a Board member since 1991, serving as President for 2 years. He also is a Board member of the Standards and Certification and Education Boards. The focus of the practice is to provide efficient, correct care, with sensitivity to the patients’ expectations and needs.